Thursday, October 27, 2011

I never knew until I was a momma...

I never knew I would find a love inside of me that I never thought existed.

I never knew that I would forget about myself and only worry about him.

I never knew I would spend my day making sure he has everything he needs.

I never knew that I would never sleep well again.

I never knew that his little smile would brighten up my day.

I never knew how proud I would feel to be his momma.

And I never knew how much my mom loves me until I became his momma.

My little man is 7 months old today

With Love,



  1. such a beautiful post!! being a mom is so amazing! it's incredible how so much can change and how you can learn to love so much just from a tiny little person. oh it's incredible!!! found your sweet blog from LMM's facebook page :)

  2. @Megs Thank you so much Megs!!! It really is Incredible!! : )